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Welcome to Arkansas WebIZ

**We are in the process of changing our enrollment policy.  Enrollments submitted on this site are not monitored more than once a day and could take longer to process. 

As of March 2022 you will need to submit a ticket with the Helpdesk to enroll.

Submit a WebIZ Help Desk Ticket:

Please click on the appropriate link below to sign into WebIZ:

WebIZ Clinical (live):

AR WebIZ (
WebIZ School (lite):

AR WebIZ Lite (

Arkansas WebIZ Enrollment

 WebIZ Enrollment Instructions:

To enroll in Arkansas WebIZ, you will need to submit an appropriate Ticket to the helpdesk (user enrollments will submit under the category “New User Enrollment & facilities will submit under the category “New Facility Enrollment) 

Once you have submitted the ticket, the WebIZhelp desk will be notified. You will receive a ticket response fromthe Arkansas WebIZ Help Desk <>  with a PDF attachment  that will need to be filled out,saved, and attached to your ticket. Once you sent the completed form back toHelpdesk, the account you requested will be created and Helpdesk will respondto your original ticket with your log in credentials.

 To avoid these tickets from going toyour SPAM folder, please add <> to your Safe Sender's list.  MostEnrollments are processed within 24hrs, but please allow up to 3 business days to receive your login information.


Contact Us

For more information, please submit a ticket to or call the Arkansas WebIZ help desk at 1-800-574-4040 Option 1.